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The rubric columns tables could be manually adjusted to be the same width. Manually adjusting the rubric will produce the rubric lines to be aligned.  

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Community Team


This is an idea that we've seen a few times in the past, but has never gotten a lot of support.  You can find more history on that in 

We do like seeing ideas come around again to see if they've become more important as priorities change.  Thanks for the submission

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Why are they not aligned? We shouldn't need to manually adjust them. If there are 5 columns, that's 20% of the available space for each column right? I'm sure it is slightly more complex than this, but not that much more complex - after all you do it nicely by the time the rubrics are presented in SpeedGrader. 

It is visually and therefore cognitively challenging for students to view, say, a 5 column rubric that has alignment all over the place. Please fix this. 

Also, links to old ideas are frequently not available at the moment (eg. the one above to  tells me Access Denied) so we start again. 

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This is a big target for me!  My ELA students need to read the rubric from left to right (criterion) as well as top to bottom (rating).  I'm struggling to put something out that looks slipshod when I expect better from them.  

If I upload an external rubric will I be able to link it to my Outcomes and Grader? 

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When creating/editing a rubric, the columns are misaligned. Can the columns be equally aligned.

Thank you.

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Please make this happen. It makes my head and eyes hurt to see the misaligned columns.

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One of the great things about Canvas is it looks very professional. Rubrics that do not align look messy.  Please make it possible for teachers to align the rubric gridlines. 

We are creating Rubrics for our state adult schools. We want our courses to reflect the best possible look. This looks unprofessional 

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Please make it possible to properly align the gridlines in the rubrics. The misaligned columns are messy and unprofessional in appearance.

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Please make this happen. 
We've come from Blackboard and they even have aligned rubrics that are aesthetically pleasing to look at and use.

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I'm quite surprised that one of the top LMS platforms allows this quirk that can have such a visual impact on the user. Rubrics can be challenging enough for students to decipher without having the added complication of disorienting information presentation. Please fix!!

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I agree. The columns in rubrics should be aligned!

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