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Rubrics should default to "use for grading"

Rubrics should default to "use for grading"

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Most faculty are creating and using a Rubric for grading purposes in an assignment so it makes sense that this setting should be checked by default.  For those few times when a rubric is used as a guide or for information, it can still be unchecked. Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 4.23.55 PM.png

Kandie Comfort -LMS Admin


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Community Team
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Gosh, I absolutely agree with this and have no idea why it wasn't always the default. The amount of times I've had to go back through five classes and open the rubric to change this setting is exhausting. 

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When you add a rubric to an assignment, the entire point is to use it for grading. If you don't want to use it for grading, you should have to check a box - not the other way around. The default should be that the rubric will be used to grade the assignment. Otherwise, if I just want the rubric to be available as a guide for students, I would just add it into the assignment instructions. 

This is particularly problematic when dealing with Blueprint courses. If the child courses don't have the box checked, and you go in to the parent template course and check it, the act of checking that box is not enough to trigger a sync option. You also have to make some kind of an edit to the assignment itself. So, if I have 12 discussions in a course and the "use for grading" box is not checked, I have to go into the Blueprint template, check the box for each one, AND make some kind of an edit to each one in order to sync the change to all of the child courses. 

This is very silly and time-consuming. The rubrics should be used for grading by default. 

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I agree with @kylecage0 . Why make a rubric, that students will access to see how their work will be evaluated if you're not going to use it for grading. 

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I echo @kholt12 and @kylecage0 
We've been working through exactly that this term. 

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Default makes the most sense here, would really help our team.

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I agree 1000%. This has been bugging for years. The vast majority of teachers create a rubric to grade with. It should be the default. Why else would I make a rubric? At the very least, make a global course setting. Under course settings have a checkbox for "By default us rubrics for grading."