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We are happy to help Canvas to  speak Russian :)! 

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I meant something different though. In Science the course we teach in Russia is very different. However, some questions and answers are very useful indeed  but educators are busy and do not have time to read in english and , honestly, it looks silly when teacher wastes time explaining that differentiation is about calculating gradient to accounts or financial advisors or computer scientists. I pretend to forget about the gradient and refer to it as  amortisation rate or rate of return.  The second derivative is even more important but it is for driving instructor to teach you,

Canvas is extension of the classroom both students and teachers enjoy chatting  but encouraging students to discuss professional topics on Facebook we fail to prepare them for life after training: most employment contracts include non disclosure agreement of some form. The students return to say thank you because they actually learn something useful in Maths lessons not in Business studies. 

many younger teachers spent hours before the lesson watching the relevant videos : I ask students to watch the same and post feedback, no feedback you are ready for the exam after we have implemented  MiT answer problem checker , the reading questions must be answered .

I run It firm since 1991 the evaluating and selecting the  features to implement is not easy at all but for my IT folks to deliver something rough but working is easy, mitigating, cutting cost and let my iT developers to grow professionally