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I use Graded Surveys as an attendance grade for each of my classes which close 5 minutes after the bell rings. I love this feature because it can be a starter for my classes that I don't have to grade individually, however, it is tedious to enter each closing time manually on each assignment. 

A helpful feature in future upgrades could be to "save" due, available, and until times for specific classes. If the time that assignments are due is consistent, then I only need to choose the due date for the survey. 

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Hi -

While searching for a duplicate I found a similar -- but unique! -- request. I thought I'd share this with you as well:    Retain due dates when duplicating assignment - Instructure Community


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A relatively recent addition is the ability to set a default time for a course. Course > Settings > Default due time.

It's a drop-down list, so you can only set times on the hour and it appears to only affect due dates. It may (or may not) be of use, but it's one of those things I just discovered so I thought I would pass it on. It doesn't affect existing assignments and I haven't tested it regarding copying of assignments.

What I do in a case like yours is to use the Google Sheet I wrote that allows you to set the date and time for all of the assignments (this was before Canvas has a bulk assignment date editor for themselves). Canvas now supports dates and times on their editor (previously it was date only), but since mine is a spreadsheet, I can use spreadsheet formulas to automatically subtract 5 minutes or add the time interval to whatever the date is.

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Thanks for pointing this out to me! While this is a feature is something I was unaware of, it doesn't quite solve my issue. 

I have several sections of the same course that meet at different times, so this feature can't necessarily save me time as I'm creating due times on assignments. 

I've also tried using Sheets to set my due times and dates. Perhaps I can figure out a way to make that work for my purposes. 

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@hddenton -

The following canvancement is what @James was referring to when he said google sheets.  He has already done all the work, all you have to do is go in and put in the times for the assignments.

Canvas Due Dates Canvancement using google sheets

I wasn't clear if you were aware of the canvancement, or if you were going to go your own way.  


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The Google Sheet approach doesn't support differentiated assignments, which would be necessary to assign to different sections. It wasn't clear at that time I wrote it that @hddenton was combining multiple sections of a course into a single one.

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