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Scaling Assignment Scores

Scaling Assignment Scores


In our last gradebook, teachers were able to scale scores automatically.  For example, if an assignment has 17 questions, the teacher could enter that the student got 13/17 questions correct, and then could say that the assignment should be worth 10 points.  The score of 7.6/10 would then display in the gradebook. This prevented the teacher from having to scale scores by hand.  

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Yes!  This is especially necessary for the Canvas Quizzes.  Need this!  We use 4 point grading, so everything is always out of 4 points....even a 23 question quiz....currently, I have to adjust each question point value manually on the Canvas quizzes to make it 4 points.  So much time/work/math. : )

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Is it not possible to figure the math once and set a category percentage then have each of the quizzes reside in that category. Wouldn't that do the same thing (I admit - math isn't my strongest suit; I'm a wordsmith 🙂 )

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Thanks! I'm actually talking about the point value of EACH question.

Currently, whichever point value is assigned to the question automatically

dictates the whole quiz score. So if I have a quiz that has 16 questions,

and each question is worth 1 point, that means the quiz automatically is

"out of" 16 points in the gradebook. I would like to be able to have each

quiz worth 4 points, even if there are 16 questions. So right now, I have

to manually adjust each question on a 16-question quiz to be worth 0.25

points each. It makes it more complicated if a quiz does not have a number

of questions that is evenly divisble by 4.

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Community Coach

Hi  @nelenzmartin ‌

I know it is not yet available (soon), the new quizzing engine ( Priority: Quizzes.Next )  will have the capability to set an overall quiz score regardless of the actual point-values of the quiz items.

Now for my curiosity - Why not simply use the existing point value of the the quizzes and other graded content? Canvas can do  calculations in the gradebook to convert student final grades to a 4.0 grade scheme. How do I add a grading scheme in a course? You can also add a grade scheme to an assignment. Learn how at 

I hope this helps,


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I agree that this is a SUPER important feature, and something that has been available on most older grading software platforms.  I use this all the time.  CANVAS, please include this!!!

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Yes!  Please add this feature!

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Another instance where this would have saved me a lot of time was on a quiz where each of my periods had slightly different numbers of questions. I would have loved to be able to just enter in the score for each of the periods, but have the quiz count for the same number of points, regardless of number of questions, across all periods. Instead, I had to hand-calculate percentages and enter them as rubric scores.

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This would be very useful when you have a test that is out of 55 points but want the score to be out of 100 so each test is treated equal in the grade book. Right now I have to open a spreadsheet and do the scaling myself to enter the grade out of 100.

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This is an absolute must. Please add this feature!! 

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature!