Scan, Edit, & Upload Assignments From Mobile


Especially with remote learning, this feature would really help students. As a student myself, I find it quite tedious to have to use a app on my phone to take pictures of all my work, crop and edit, covert to PDF, email it to myself, download it to my computer, log onto canvas on my computer, and then finally upload the assignment. 

I think on mobile there should be the following features:

  • Scan pages/take pictures
    • Document recognition (auto-crop and color adjustments to increase readability)
  • Edit pictures
    • Crop, rotate, color adjust, sharpen, make black and white, etc. 
    • Rename
  •  Export
    • Export individually or all in one document
      • If combining into one document, allowing for rearranging the order of the scans would help
    • Support multiple common file types including PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPEG, etc.
    • Export to the phone's photos and files
    • Export by sending an email
  • In-app file saving and managing
    • Saved files can be accessed in app
    • Organize files into folders, organize by date, name, file type, etc.

And most importantly,

  • Upload and submit these files for class assignments

Please consider implementing this idea, as I really think it would help students. Please comment your questions and or ideas. 

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Instructure Alumni

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