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Scheduler recurring events

Scheduler recurring events

I should be able to use the scheduler to set up appointment slots for office hours for one week and then have an option for Canvas to automatically create the same schedule on subsequent weeks.
Community Member

This is an absolutely essential feature - the scheduler is maddening to use without it.


Community Member

Agree with the sentiment here, it is sad this has been in this state for over 5 years. Yes, there are workarounds with 3rd party tools, but they do not offer integrations into Canvas and it is yet another thing students and faculty have to navigate instead of it being native. 

Community Champion

Recurring office hours make so much sense. I doubt the scheduler got as much use before this last year, but I use it now, and find it limited. After commenting here that recurring appointments are a need, my next step is to look to see if anyone has requested an auto cut off for sign ups so that students do not sign up for appointments two minutes beforehand. 😀

Community Member

Please, please enable this!  Recurring office hours are the most common professorial activity after recurring class sessions.  It is in credibly tedious and time-wasting to have to set every single instance of a recurring appointment time offered over three months.

The function should have a start and end date, with a check box option for days of the week  to repeat.  This is similar to Outlook Calendar options and many reminder apps on Android (that I know of), so common models are out there.

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@PBart0 no need to waste your time with the useless canvas bookings - I've used Sagenda for years, even the free tier is great 🙂

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