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Screen Capture with Audio as a Comment Option

Screen Capture with Audio as a Comment Option

I grade a lot of essays, but I believe this feature might be valuable for other disciplines as well.


Canvas currently has the ability to post comments in video (webcam) or audio form--though, the flash programs for these seem to be hit or miss for me.


For essay feedback, I want to be able to communicate what I'm seeing in a student's essay, but I don't necessarily need them to see my face. Far more valuable to me is to be able to point to aspects of the essay or assignment while I'm talking and to have the student see those specific aspects while they are hearing my comments.


I do this now using Camtasia. I open speedgrader and begin recording a screen capture with audio. I then have to save the file and upload it to Canvas using the media comment video upload option.


This works, but it is a bit clunky. My speed at grading would be greatly increased if I could press a button and simply begin recording the screen.


Again, I know the benefit of this with essays, but my guess is that it could be of benefit to almost any discipline. If an instructor is taking the time to record a comment of any sort, it is probably a comment that has something to do with the digital object that is right on the screen. The added benefit would be that if the recorder is capturing the screen and not just the current window, an instructor could use the video as a digital whiteboard. I can imagine a math instructor giving a just in time KhanAcademy style explanation for a problem on which a particular student seems to be having difficulties.


Since I have an android tablet with a stylus, if this could be incorporated into the android speedgrader app, that would be some wicked awesome future s%&t!!!

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Right now the audio/video feedback option is useless.  It is pointless to just give a video feedback of my face. Our teaching staff want to be able to walk students through their work and highlight what is working and what can be improved.  Currently we are using Screencastify but as is already mentioned, it takes time and space to record all the feedback and then to upload to Canvas.  Having the feedback work so that you can use the highlighting tools while talking through student work would be extremely valuable.  Screencast-o-matic has an excellent user-friendly interface and it would be amazing to see Canvas use something simular.

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Did this get delivered?

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Please! This tool would be exceptional for leaving feedback on student essays. 

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Great idea and would greatly benefit our university. I would also agree that captions need to be considered! 

This was slated as a Khaki item for 2018 an announced as a bonus item to be released after InstructureCon 2018! Whatever happened to it? 

Khaki 2018 Update  (Item 12)

Bonus (Delivered after InstCon 2018)

1. Admin Role Granular Permissions part 2—breaking out create/edit/delete permissions (to be added permission by permission)
3. Student Feedback View
4. Advanced Reports
7. Rich Content Editor: File/Image Drag & Drop - Canvas Release Notes (2018-11-17)
9. Commons: Preview Activities and Content
12. SpeedGrader Screen Recorder

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It has been requested several times in our university too. It will be very powerful, rather than cam recording which is very teacher-centred. 

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I would also like screen share with video feedback!

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Perhaps this will come to fruition via Studio which has a screen recording tool built in. 

Here is to hope.   


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Just posted a similar idea here: 

Similar cause. Votes appreciated.

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I just opened a feature request asking for Studio to be enabled in Speedgrader. It was added as a companion to this feature request. Let's all go vote that one up, too: Use Studio to Create Feedback in Speedgrader

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I've been using VoiceThread for this. VoiceThread allows commenting on various media types (pictures, pdfs, movies, etc.) by both students and instructors. The comments can be videos, text, audio & you can annotate on whatever media is there as you comment.  (It's not free, but check if your institution district has a license. I didn't know we had one!).  

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I feel exactly the same way, so I came online to see if anyone knew of a fix or had any information.

I am very discouraged to see that this idea has been out there for nearly 5 years with some progress happening in 2018, and still no product delivered.

Please, CANVAS, this would be HUGE for providing meaningful feedback.

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This feature would be incredibly useful and time-saving. 

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I am frustrated that five years after the initial post here, there is no movement on this issue.  I know Canvas depends on "votes" to support projects, but I imagine (based on comments I've heard from colleagues over the years) this is an idea that would have broad support and use if made available.  Yes, we absolutely need screen capture commenting available in Speedgrader.  The audio and video functions now available are worthless for me.

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  • This would be an amazing feature for feedback/grading purposes
  • What are the best ways to record screen with voice over and write-on-screen capabilities?
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Agree, a one-button screen recording comment/feedback button would be super helpful!

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Canvas annotation tools on SpeedGrader is not functional for studio art courses. For example, I teach Drawing and 3D Design and need to mark or draw on areas to illustrate my feedback.  The annotation drawing tool is cumbersome, lacking a straight line option, and consistently initiates the text box.  I bypass Canvas and use Zoom annotation tools by screen capturing and sending a feedback video link to the student in Canvas Assignment Messages. If I could do all of this in Canvas I would cut my grading in half. My wife teaches at Kutztown University and they use the dreaded D2L online learning platform; however, the annotation tools on D2L are actually decent.  Canvas is the superior program, but is lacking this critical aspect to my teaching. What would be better is if I could annotate anywhere on the screen and send the link to the student, like I do with Zoom. 

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It would be great to have Screen recording during comments and feedback on assignments. Currently the cam allows recording only without reflecting the screen.

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Screen recording during comments and feedback on assignments.

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Yes! As an art teacher this would be invaluable to point to parts of their image and give a verbal critique. Also, to be able to record in other programs as well. I teach digital art and this would enable me to open their file in the software and show them where they have problems and how to correct and improve and better use the software tools. Right now I have to record in quicktime and then compress and then upload--takes forever!