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Screenshot tool to mark up webpages in Speedgrader

Screenshot tool to mark up webpages in Speedgrader

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I would love it if Canvas had a feature to screenshot and mark up webpages.  

I'm a technology teacher and use with my students to teach them coding. I would love it if Instructure could help my workflow.  Students submit links to their projects like this:   

Currently I have to use the "view in another tab" option to view the projects.  That's the subject of another ticket until Canvas can figure out how to work well with the new HTML 5 version of Scratch. 

In order to grade and give feedback on the projects I have to click the blue "see inside" button then click the individual sprites on the bottom left to view their code.   

Here's the request:   I would love it if I could view the webpage within the speedgrader and have a screenshot button. 

I could then use the markup tools in speedgrader to give students timely and meaningful feedback.

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Community Team
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