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This might be a niche idea but I suspect other people face this problem. I'm in year 7 at my institution and we've used Canvas LMS for 6 of them. As a result, I have 6 years worth of student data. I often have students for as many as 4 courses during their time at my institution, and I both a) encourage the talented ones to go on to graduate school and b) encourage them to take time between undergrad and grad if they do so. Today I find myself in what is a totally normal situation for me--writing a recommendation letter for a student I taught....2 years ago? 3 years ago? Not sure! three courses. 

I would love to be able to fire a search for a student's name that would seek through my Canvas courses  name and pull up all this students' work so that I can write with specific examples about the things they did in my courses ages ago. At a bare minimum, it would be nice to just see "Oh right this student was in course 123 on Fall 2018 and course 456 in Spring 2019." 

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I currently work as a virtual associate who checks on the grades of multiple students.  In my Canvas dashboard there might be 5 different Geometry courses for different teachers or student situations.  It can take time for me to realize which student is in which Geometry course.  It'd be extremely useful to be able to search "by student" in some format so that I find the correct Canvas course card faster.

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I desperately need this feature. I teach high school and have 9 courses that I teach at a time and I need a quick way to find the students without having to click in and out of the courses. Please add a student search across CANVAS!!!!

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