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Search bar when importing course content

Search bar when importing course content


I have been working with other instructors to make new quizzes and assignments in a shared canvas course just for instructors. We have been making lots of materials to support each other.

From the shared canvas instructor course, we are all individually importing the exact quizzes, assignments, new quizzes, modules, etc... that we want into our respective courses. It would be helpful to have a search bar at the top of the selection pane where there is modules, pages, quizzes, files, etc.... when importing course content in order to more easily locate the specific quiz, module, page, file that we want. This would make it SO much quicker rather than scrolling and opening all the sub- categories to find the title of item/items to import to our respective courses.    

(Search bar could go next to "Select content" and could search for the title or key words of an assignment title, page, module, etc...)

search bar could go on this selection pane