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Have you ever encountered traversing a long list of students on speed grader back and forth? Perhaps you want to grade a specific student and you have to scroll to find the name?

The current practice in our university is that all same courses under one professor, regardless of number of sections, will be grouped in one canvas classroom. The main idea behind this practice is to ease the job of teachers in posting assessments, instructional materials, etc. as they have to post in one canvas classroom only.

Hence, if you have 40 students per class and you have 3 sections of "Software Engineering", then you have 120 students on speed grader of that canvas classroom. I know it's not a problem when you are going to grade their activities from top to bottom, or vice versa. Or if you will filter it according to their respective sections.

Still, I think it will save a lot of time if you could just have a search engine within the drop down menu. It's actually easy to achieve in coding. See the searchable down menu in action:

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Instructure Alumni

Hey manuelgarciaph, thanks for taking the time to submit a feature idea. I hope you can have conversations at your organization about that practice of lumping all students together into a single course shell. In my experience there are a lot of benefits to keeping things compartmentalized, but perhaps there are benefits to the way it is currently being done as well. I have opened this idea up for voting and I hope you have a great weekend!

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manuelgarciaph I love the idea of typing into the SpeedGrader student list.

In our institution's multi-section courses, the SpeedGrader section filter also helps with part of the need you articulated.

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 @RobDitto ‌, Thank you for your appreciation. Filtering the student list via the section filter is, in fact, the only way to ease our job when grading assessments. It is still laborious though if you have a lot of students per section, and/or if you have to grade assessments that way regularly. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and vote.

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Thank you, Adam! We have already talked about it already in our monthly canvas meeting. However, we unanimously agreed that having multiple sections (same courses) in one canvas classroom is very helpful especially when posting the same assessments, PPT files, etc. Thanks for the feedback!

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I would really appreciate this feature. We have courses with 200+ students and it is rather hard to scroll trough that list to find one. Also, make the filter such that it takes into account both first and last name.

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