Select multiple sections at once (while posting announcement)

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When I want to post an announcement to multiple sections, every time I have to scroll in the drop-down-menu to the right sections, select one and then do it all again. As we have a large number of sections in every course, this happens a lot. 

Therefore, it would be nice if you can select more than one sections in the drop-down-menu by holding the CTRL-button.


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Sounds like a very useful idea.  We have courses in our institution that contain many sections, and the one I'm currently looking at has 98 sections!  We often have the need to send announcements to a subset (eg, 20-30) of these.  At the moment, choosing them one by one is very laborious and prone to human error.  Having the ability to select multiple sections at once, as suggested by Eva, would be of great benefit to us!

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We have a School level Community with 6500 students and roughly 100 sections.

Rather than shift clicking in the drop down what would be even better is to be able to add new sections DEFINED as groupings of existing cohort linked subjects (which dynamically update).  For example FirstYearSubjects containing our 12 first year subjects, MastersSubjects for our 30 Masters subjects, LabSubjects for the 25 subjects that use computer labs (mix of first/second/third/masters subjects ) etc.  Then you only need to select the one omnibus section to reliably reach every subject you need.

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We have many courses with large cohorts of students in many many sections. A way to filter this so that the teacher can select the sections that they need would be very useful. Could this idea be prioritise higher. Thanks.

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Found this looking for how to send an announcement to multiple sections.  This would be such a useful tool.  Although I only have three sections of the same course, it is tedious and time consuming to go into each course to create the exact same announcement.  If there is a way to do this, I'd be so appreciative!  🙂