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Select which courses go in Calendar Feed

Select which courses go in Calendar Feed


Currently all of the courses for which I am registered go into my calendar feed. This is problematic for me. I want to be able to select which courses show up in the calendar feed, or to have a separate feed for each course.

Community Contributor

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I am using the "From URL" option for Google Calendar and the link that I created based on @scott_wahl example ( is not working.

Do I have to wait for Google Calendar go "fetch"? How long?

P.S. While in Canvas, if I go to I am able to see a calendar for a specific course so it appears to be working but not within Google Calendar.

UPDATE on 2021-11-03: I was able to get this working for me using the method from Scott.  After going to, you can find the "Calendar Feed" on the right-side.  Link on it and a dialog box will appear.  Copy that link and paste it into Google Calendar using the guidance in the link in the Canvas Community. It will take a few minutes for the name of the calendar to update to the name of the course.

Community Member

I want to echo the call for the ability to import / sync the Canvas Calendar to other calendar apps on a course-by-course basis. Many of our faculty are added as support staff to other instructors' courses but want the ability to import only their own Canvas course's calendar events to their Outlook Calendars. 

Community Member

We have had staff at our institution ask for this as they want specific courses shown as opposed to every Canvas enrolment they have. Would be good if this could be expedited.