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Send Email Notifications from Custom Domain

Send Email Notifications from Custom Domain

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I would like the ability to send Canvas notifications from a custom domain. Currently, all notification emails come from "" by default with no ability to change the email domain.

Please provide the ability to setup an SMTP connection to send mail from another mail server, or the ability to spoof another email domain.

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Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Open
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This is a great idea, this is something our school would like too.  I think the domain add confusion and anxiety when users who are unsure of the email address sees it, which in todays world of phishing scams and spam emails makes a lot of sense.  

Also we are a Google Workplace school, so Google auto flags any emails outside our domain with a caution warning.  

So adding someway to make it match our domain would be great!

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We would support such a change at our school as well!

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This is what our teachers and students receive (if our spam filters don't eliminate them first):

It does not appear to come from the course, nor does it list the sender as the reply-to: ---------- 

From: {CourseName} <>

Date: Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 9:42 AM

Subject: {Sender-Input}

To: {}

They only know "Canvas" - they have no idea what "" is.

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How is this not a thing in 2022? Our emails should look like they are from us - with branding and from our domain.

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@DiannaLloyd Right?

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I agree completely.  If the notification is created by an user's action, the email in their account should be set as the reply to, and general notifications that would be from a "no-reply" address should have the institutional domain/branding if that is used.