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Send a message disappearing without warning bug

Send a message disappearing without warning bug

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When I try to send a message to a student using the mail icon after selecting a student from the People list, if I “accidentally” click outside of the message window, the message window disappears without warning. There is no notice that the message will be gone and the time you spent writing the message will be wasted. It should not be possible that the message window would disappear when clicking outside the window.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation


Thanks for sharing this idea; we agree that this is not ideal behavior. We've moved the conversation forward for further discussion.

In the meantime, have you also addressed this with Canvas Support? It might be helpful for them to have a ticket on this; use the Report a Problem option in the Help menu to provide them the link to this conversation for context.

Surveyor II

Thanks for moving the conversation forward. It’s been a frustrating thing to discover.

i already contacted Canvas Support. They are the ones that asked me to start the conversation here.