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Separate Late policies for individual assignments

Separate Late policies for individual assignments


in the new gradebook it would be great if there were separate policies for each assignment or even for each assignment group.  We have different policies for our participation than for typical assignments for example.  Having one policy for the whole course means this feature is not usable for us.

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Indeed this would be very useful!! Full support.

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Instead of only at the course level, it might be helpful to allow settings at the individual assignment level to determine whether a missing/zero policy should apply.  Specifically, in the same way there is a course level sync to SIS setting, but a teacher can uncheck a box for individual assignments, it would be helpful to do the same regarding missing assignments resulting in an automatic zero.  Some teachers create content for extension activities, but students who do not do them are awarded zeros in the gradebook because of the course level policy.  If there was an option to have more control over that feature, it would be reduce the amount of manual gradebook "cleanup" on the part of the teacher. 



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Definitely interested in this feature

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Yes please.  2021 says hi to this request.

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I think that setting it up for an entire assignment category would be most beneficial. I can categorize it myself from there as long as it can be changed category to category.

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Yes -- this would be SO helpful.  I'd like to apply a late policy to one assignment group but not another.  

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Currently, Canvas offers an automatically "late" penalty for any assignment after the due date; however, an option to mark individual assignments as "late" or to remove the "late" penalty would be helpful for assignments where no late penalty will be enforced. Manually turning each "late" penalty off 100+ assignments is time consuming.



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I agree with those who ask for flexibility in late-policy settings across assignment groups.

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Yes, please have the late penalty applicable to assignment groups.

In my case, I have a handful of assignments that I want to penalize for late submission because the students need to pick something (only one group can select each topic).  I am encouraging them by giving extra credit points if they submit early, but I don't want to give the points if they submit late.

Otherwise, I don't want to give them a late penalty.

I want to mention that there are many ways to get the flexibility instructors need:

- obviously, change the late penalty set up to not be course-wide, instead be per assignment group, 

- BUT - there could be a "Do not apply late penalty" or a "Apply coursewide late penalty" checkbox for each assignment that acts as an override.  Which button would make more sense would depend on the instructor and class.

- Another option:  Canvas could have a column for "points lost due to late penalties" so we can see how many late points are taken off.  That way we can make an adjustment - for example, when a student has accommodations, we have to manually go in and fix each assignment's due date.  If we could remove late penalties for one student, we would facilitate accommodating those with extra time or making up incompletes.

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My late policy is to deduct 1 point on assignments 10 points or less and 10% on larger assignments regardless of how much time has elapsed.  Can you please add the option within each assignment to choose a type of late scoring and to have the options include a fixed point deduction, a percent deduction and to have it NOT accumulate with time?  Thanks.

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This is my post, so I think its great and you should add your support.

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This would be so helpful. I currently lock some assignments so that students cannot take them late so that I don't have to deal with varying late penalties across my multiple courses and 1000+ students. This feature would be game changing!

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I love having "Automatically apply grade for missing submissions" turned on to give students a zero if they miss the due date. 

However, it would be great if this feature could be turned off in individual assignments (like how you can set a full class grade posting policy, but then still adjust it for individual assignments where you don't want grades posted right away). 

When I offer optional extra credit assignments that have a due date, a lot of students end up with a zero in the grade book, which just isn't a good look. It is a lot of work to manually remove the zero from each student.

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It would be helpful especially for assignments that have a different success percentage assigned to them (higher percentage for threshold of passing). 

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Late Policy should be by Assignment Group.  This feature would be very helpful.  

I am unable to use the Late Policy feature in its current "global" form.

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Currently if a teacher applies a Late Policy to their course, it is all or nothing.  Sometimes, we offer optional assignments that are Canvas Quizzes/Surveys or File Upload Assignments.  These optional assignments get flagged as "Missing" the next day and so each teacher needs to go in and remove the flag and zero for those that did not complete the optional assignment.

It would be nice if we could fine tune our late policy when creating assignments.  Allow us to individually select which assignment we want the late policy to apply to and which ones we don't.

It would also be nice if we could further fine tune how deductions are applied to late work.  For example, I would love it if I could allow for full points up to one week late, but then after one week start applying either a daily deduction or a one time deduction.

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***Instructure asked me to re-post my suggestion here.


Regarding late penalties for assignments, I want to be gracious to my student for the first couple weeks while they get settled in, then start applying the late penalty policy for future assignments.  

Currently your system doesn't allow this.  I'm forced to apply the late penalty policy to the entire gradebook, including previously submitted assignments.

I'd like to be able to either

A) Set specific late penalties for each assignment


B) Apply the late penalty policy to start on a specific date and moving forward

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Date of first posted comment asking for this feature to be assignment-specific: 12-27-2017

‎Date of most recent posted comment asking for this feature to be assignment-specific: 01-27-2022

Time expired between these posts: 1,492 days or 4 years, 1 month. 

Four years this feature has been sitting there essentially worthless because Instructure does not actually listen to any of the people that use their growing-ever-marginal products. 

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I absolutely agree with all of these comments. It's astoundingly obviously that Instructure has not consulted actual classroom teachers who know anything about pedagogy, when designing Canvas, nor do they have any interest in recognizing where they are failing. Late penalties HAVE to be able to be applied on a per-assignment and per-category basis. Sure, have an option to apply a penalty globally, for the few teachers who actually would do such a thing on a blanket basis, but please make the feature usable for the rest of us.

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Currently, the Late Submission policy will only be applied to No Submission or On Paper assignments but in most cases, it's a file upload, text entry or LTI submission type.

We do not want to go in to every late student to toggle the status from late to something else. That’s tedious.