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Set Assignment Default Due Time

Set Assignment Default Due Time

We are a K-12 school. One of the biggest negative feedback items we receive on Canvas has to do with assignments being due at midnight (11:59). Parents are concerned that we effectively asking them to stay up until midnight to turn in their homework. This is especially important for our middle school and junior high students.


We would like to be able to set assignment due time to default to a time that can be set in our school's account settings.


Yes, it is true that teachers can change the time, but we are relying on them doing the extra steps all the time to match our school's assignment policy - and it requires a lot of clicks to make this simple change.

Community Member

So many changes that need to be made to make Canvas a easier to use..but this is a simple one to make.  Please incorporate this ASAP.

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We need this immediately! How/why does it take Canvas so long to respond to educators' needs? I see this request going back to 2015.

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We still need this. Where do I vote? 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Putting in my vote!  We are trying to promote healthy sleep habits with our high schoolers (boarding school) and all deadlines are at 10pm or 11pm, which is the end of study hall or lights out.  It's cumbersome to have to change that time on every assignment, when it would be awesome if I (the Admin) could make this a default setting at the account level.

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This would be a great idea. There are already so many things to check when making an assignment. It would be great to have a default due time that was not 11:59. 

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Yes please! This would be very helpful for middle schoolers especially!

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I would love to have this feature.  Especially if I could set it up for not only each course, but each section of the course.

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Yes, Please!

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Teachers want this in our school. 

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Having a default due time other than midnight is also a best practice for supporting the physical and mental health of college students, as per the "Mental Health and Wellness Today" panel discussion hosted by Education Now at Harvard.

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Every year I search to figure out how to adjust the due time to match my course's new start time... and every year I see that this simple update continues to be ignored. Now I have to do 4 clicks times who knows how many assignments to fix it - again. Please fix this by the fall!!!!

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Please add this feature ASAP to allow an institution to choose it's default submission time.