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This was in the old gradebook but was somehow left out of the new gradebook.

Canvas defaults to two decimal places. While this is good for an instructor to see, often in HS and Middle School grades are used for athletic and other extracurricular eligibility. Schools don't want parents arguing over a few hundredths of a percentage point. We would like to have the options to set the rounding to zero, one, or two decimal places for the total columns the students and parents/observers see.

This option would need to also impact the application of the grading scheme. For example, we currently have to have the grading scheme set to a C- beginning at 69.5% instead of what is published in handbooks as 70% because of how canvas applies the rounding.

These settings need to be able to be set at an account and sub-account level.

For example:

A student has a 69.49%
The option would allow the students and parents to see:

  • Rounding to zero decimal places: 69%
  • Rounding to one decimal place: 69.5%
  • Rounding to two decimal places: 69.49%
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I agree with this 100%. This level of control would improve our Canvas experience and benefit our students.

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I agree, an account-wide setting for this would be helpful. I would be okay with this even just being a cosmetic change in what the student sees while the two-decimal grade is still stored in the report. 

We don't include decimals in our report cards anyway so it can be confusing for our students and parents to see the decimal on Canvas. 

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I completely agree with the need for this option! We need greater flexibility and the ability to be more transparent about the grading process, which in one sense may mean mitigating the potential for arguments over fractions of percentage points.


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I agree with this

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I've had two teachers ask about this in the first few weeks of school so wondering if there is any progress on this.  We would love to be able to set the number of decimal places to which grades are rounded to either 1 or to whole numbers.  

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I agree wholeheartedly that this is important and it's been available in other systems I've used so the teachers in my school would really like to see it. 

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Having this feature would be very valuable to how data is shared with my students. Please add this feature back into Canvas. 

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Please add this feature to Canvas!!!!!



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Yes, the ability to choose the level of reporting (no decimals to 2 or three behind decimal point) should be a indicator to allow for user preference.

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This option is still necessary for assignments. Often, partial credit is assigned but then our online gradeboook (Frontline) does not accept decimal input. 


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Agree, this needs to be a feature. When families log in to Canvas they're seeing one grade and when they log in to PowerSchool the grade can be slightly different, which is both misleading and incorrect. It's unfortunate that we have to message to families that your product doesn't function correctly, it takes away from their trust that what they're seeing in Canvas is correct, because frankly it isn't based on how our official SIS grading is set up.

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