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Setting to keep highest grade for assignments?

Setting to keep highest grade for assignments?


I think Canvas should incorporate the option to keep the highest grade for assignments similar to how it does for quizzes. Here's my scenario and what I would like to accomplish. In my class students can turn in assignments until the end of the quarter. There is a 1% automatic deduction for every day late. A student might turn in an assignment and receive an 80%. That student continues to attempt to improve their grade by resubmitting the assignment. 20 days later they submit an assignment that warrants a 95%, however after the late deduction the assignment is only worth 75%. As of right now there is no setting to automatically take the higher grade in this situation. Once I grade the most recent submission that becomes the new grade, however I do not want to penalize the student for trying to improve their grade; i.e. they should still get the 80% instead of the 75%. In order to correct this I have to manually go back into grade book, turn off the late setting for that student and type in the grade. This can become quite the burden when you are grading 1000s of assignments and trying to keep track of who's grade need to be manually fixed. *You can not simply click the use the same grade for submission button as Canvas will then apply a late deduction to the original grade (resulting in my scenario in a 60%).

It seems like it would be a fairly simple fix since the function exists for quizzes. Thoughts?

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Voted! Based on First Look: Teacher Assignment Enhancements, there's a good chance that the desired option is being developed. If we're lucky it will be released down the road.

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I believe that you will be able to click the "use same grade" button once this bug is fixed: 

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This is similar to my request. I teach Math. I use the late penalty. I have students who complete the work before it is due but then use it to review for the test. So, I had a student who had a 20/20 ontime for the assignment. However, when she completed it late just to practice with the late penalty she had a 0/20. Even though I have it set to keep the highest score, it kept the 0/20.

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Voted. Based on this article Canvas will apply the late policy to the most recent graded submission. Our organization does not want to penalize resubmissions so we would also like to have the option to apply the late policy to the original submission so our teachers don't have to leave Speedgrader and go to the gradebook to change the penalty - all the while needing to remember what the original one was.