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Share student assignment submission

Share student assignment submission

We need a way for instructors and students to easily share an individual student assignment submission with the entire class. In a previous lifetime, we outlined the functional needs in the old forums (see


I know we can create an open graded discussion and allow attachments, but we'd like to take individual assignment submissions and publish it as an example for the rest of the enrolled students. It would be great to have a way to do this, as we used to be able to in Blackboard. Students could also opt to publish their own assignments to share.

Community Member

Adding to the list of people saying this needs to be available for group presentations as well, not just individual student presentations. And it needs to be able to set for a grade (both at the group and individual levels.)

Navigator‌ has just suggested a special case of this for sharing group discussions (presumably, both ungraded and graded) with everyone in the course selectively:

Learner II

Thanks‌! Yes, I don't think it matters whether it is a graded or ungraded activity but the ability to replicate a breakout session in the discussion board would be invaluable.