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Show Submission Timestamp For All Submissions At Once or Allow Sort by Timestamp

Show Submission Timestamp For All Submissions At Once or Allow Sort by Timestamp


Teachers would like to be able to view the submission date and time timestamp for each quiz and assignment in one location without having to scroll through and look at each student's submission in the SpeedGrader.

We've had this request from multiple faculty members. Their justifications are a bit different so I've included two examples of use cases below:

  1. The instructor included a Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) restriction in his quiz but later removed it. He wants to be able to determine who started the quiz while the LDB restriction was in place. He needs to be able to see or download all timestamps OR be able to sort submissions in order of time submitted. There are 800 submissions.
  2. Students were told a due date on an assignment but the instructor forgot to set the due date in Canvas. He needs to be able to download all timestamps to determine who submitted the assignment on time. Alternatively, he asked for a way to be able to sort the submissions in order of time submitted. He has 450 students in the course.
Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @ginan ‌, are you still working on writing this idea? No use cases are currently displaying in the idea description, which currently looks like this:

345734_idea description.png


Community Team
Community Team

Update: We now see the edit with additional instructions. Thanks, Ginan.

Community Contributor

Yes, I accidentally submitted it too soon. It's there now. Thanks!

Community Member

I am making a new feature request. In the gradebook view I would like to be able to sort students' scores for a particilar assignment by the date submitted. I can sort by grade (low to high or high to low), missing, or late. Sorting by date submitted will allow me to monitor who is finishing assignments in real time during quizzes I administer live on Zoom. My role is instructor.

Community Member

Our faculty want this option, also.  In classic quizzes, all of the information is *there* (start time, submit time, time taken), but it's not in one place.  As the CSV student analysis feature is being worked on for new quizzes, it would be awesome if the start time and time taken could be included columns on the CSV!  Also, "finished in about 4 hours", which means 3h30m to 4h29m in the moderate quiz area is not sufficient when faculty want to see who exceeded 4 hours.  

Community Participant

Please, canvas developers, add this to your system.  We want the ability to download a CSV file with time stamps of all students submissions on assignments.    


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