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Show actual grade on parent app

Show actual grade on parent app

The Canvas Parent app needs to provide an accurate picture of the child's progress by revealing the student's actual grade based on all assignments/assessments given in class (not just the assignments submitted by the student).

When a parent uses the Canvas Parent App to check on their child's performance they may not be getting an accurate picture.

For instance:  Imagine a class that has five assignments worth 10 points each.  The total points available for the class would be 50 points.  Now imagine that a student has completed one of the five assignments and earned a 9/10 on the assignment.  Their overall grade should be 9/50.  Unfortunately, the Canvas app would show that the child currently has a 90% in the class because it doesn't count the missing assignments as zeros.

I understand the idea behind the "no zero's" movement.  However, when a parent views an 90% as a grade, a red flag may not occur to prompt a conversation with their child.  Seeing an 18% certainly would get the conversation started.

Canvas should allow the parent to see the grade "as is" rather only graded assignments.  At the very least, give the individual teachers the decision making power.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Lever  

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There are a few ways we could handle this, but I think the best one for ensuring consistency between platforms and roles has already been implemented as a feature of the new Canvas gradebook, which allows for teacher-defined missing policies and late policies. These let the teacher say, for example, if the submission is missing at the due date, grade it as a zero, which I think is what you're after. (I think these rules only exist in the new gradebook.)