Show all comments when there are multiple submission on SpeedGrader

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On the 2021-06-19 SpeedGrader Comment Library release, we now only see the comments for the current submission. In the past, we would see all the comments made for the student's submissions for that assignment.

We review the previous submission's comments during the regrade to ensure the feedback was followed and guide us on what to look for in the regrade. With the 2021-06-19 update, we now have to click on the previous submission in the "Submission to View" dropdown to see the past comments.

It would be nice to go back to the way it was in regards to the comments displayed. Or have an option to show the comments on the past submission for the assignment currently being graded.

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Instructure Alumni
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Oh, this is absolutely needed, not just "would be nice."    I hadn't seen this issue yet, but I know Teachers will not be happy at all if they can't easily see their past comments.  This will certainly be a big issue when they return to school, so please consider fixing this before they come back.

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I allow students to keep submitting an assignment until they get it right. Having to hunt for previous comments adds more work to what I do. All comments should be visible regardless of the submission they are associated with.

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We definitely need this addressed. If students have students submit multiple submissions and want to see if their feedback was followed, toggling between submissions is very time-consuming. Even if there was a button that you'd click to expand out a comment history, this is definitely a strong need!