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Show in Folder

Show in Folder

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My Canvas file structure includes a very large number of documents and images. When I am looking for a specific file, it often become a bit of an overwhelming job. I can search for the file by name, which is great, but there is not option to "Reveal the folder" the file is in, or "Show in containing folder." This should be one of the options, since many times I need to replace an older file with an updated one.

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Instructure Alumni
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Rated 5 stars, @darren_willis! I want to invite you to consider my closely related idea from a few years ago, which is still around as an Idea Conversation today:

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shoot, they didn't want to pursue your post from 5 years ago? that's depressing. It's almost like the people making decisions are not the ones using the product, day in and day out.

I don't know if it helps, but I gave your original post the 5-star salute!