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Show more classes in Calendar

Show more classes in Calendar

This request is to allow additional classes to be shown in the calendar view. Right now, with a cap of only 10, it is not possible to have the calendar show all classes from all terms. Our terms are consecutive (for example, a term ends at the end of September, with a new term starting at the beginning of October). For faculty and students to have a complete picture of the schedule from one week to the next, they need to ability to view at least 14-16 courses on the calendar at a time. This is also useful when building the course calendar, so that there is not a constant need to change which courses are selected to be visible. Having this option will not increase clutter for anyone (because they can choose to select only the number of calendars they want to see), and will greatly increase usability for those who need to see additional calendars.

@christie1 They have upped the limit of calendars you can view at a time to 20, which I still think is not enough, especially for parents with 3 kids in the school system.


Currently there are Parents with multiple children in in school but they can not see all the entries in the Calendar for their children. 


I am a Canvas Admin for our school. We use Canvas in our Secondary school and have extra curricular activities and whole school Canvas pages. This means that most of our students will have more than 10 Canvas courses. Many of our students are missing deadlines because all classes are not appearing on a student's dashboard. 

This seems to be a really obvious feature that Canvas is missing and it's affecting our user experience negatively.