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Show more classes in Calendar

Show more classes in Calendar

This request is to allow additional classes to be shown in the calendar view. Right now, with a cap of only 10, it is not possible to have the calendar show all classes from all terms. Our terms are consecutive (for example, a term ends at the end of September, with a new term starting at the beginning of October). For faculty and students to have a complete picture of the schedule from one week to the next, they need to ability to view at least 14-16 courses on the calendar at a time. This is also useful when building the course calendar, so that there is not a constant need to change which courses are selected to be visible. Having this option will not increase clutter for anyone (because they can choose to select only the number of calendars they want to see), and will greatly increase usability for those who need to see additional calendars.

Deactivated user, at our institution, the calendar limit is very much a problem for students.  Our MBA courses typically meet for a quarter (half a semester).  Many students take ten or more of these each term; with the personal calendar selected by default, there's always at least one course forced off in the selector.  And forget about the associated group calendars! 

Also, we use Scheduler heavily.  Students can't easily reserve appointments when the corresponding course calendar (or group calendar, for group appointments) is forced off due to the limit.  Agreed with others who point out that certain courses suffer disproportionately because of alphabetical order; ditto (ha!) for group calendars.

Placing quarter-length courses in special terms, or using override dates, isn't a practical workaround for the calendar limit.  For example, there's often early preparation or late submission/grading; full term-length access meets faculty and student expectations better.  I sometimes have to discourage co-curricular programs from using long-running courses or override dates because of the calendar limit.

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Allison, I second everything that Rob has mentioned in his reply. We have the exact same set up with 7 week modules instead of semesters. we are constantly running into problems with courses being bumped off the calendar view. Even if there were a hierarchy where the last courses created would take precedence in the calendar view, that would be helpful.

A typical scenario is term one ends and a week later the second term begins. The instructors want the term one courses active to continue to make announcements and to return grades and papers. When we do that, a random term two course will disappear to make room for that term one course.

We have had numerous cases of students missing class session and deliverables because they weren't  showing on the current

Navigator, yes, using terms will be a good solution for what you described. Read the video and links at What is a Term?.  Each term can automatically conclude each course in a way that lets students retain access, but not submit any new work. Courses concluded by term dates move out of the Calendar automatically and move to the All Courses part of the Courses menu in Global Navigation.  By using different access dates for teachers and students, you can give teachers advance access to work on course content or extra time to submit final grades.


This is an idea I am tucking away for discussion with the team when we are able to prioritize Calendar work. Please keep the conversation going. It's clear that the Calendar is a key source of productivity and organization for many of our users and I definitely don't want to lose sight of that.

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I have recently started up with Canvas for our School. I went through the various comments related to this and I strongly believe it's necessary to have more than 10 active Courses to be visible in the Calendar. As the School's Technical Admin and IT I believe this could be useful for school that students have more than 10 courses. In our Case we have from 13-15 courses and parents have been inquiring about not being able to see all the Calendar events.

I contacted my Canvas contact and he suggested to add my 2 cents to this thread. As a programmer it would be suitable to manage this situation at the admin level in which Account Admins can set a calendar limit (a variable) instead of a constant number across all canvas deployments. That we it can be adapted to each institution without affecting those who don't need more than 10.

In addition we have extra-curricular courses which would be great to add to the calendar without affecting the core group of courses and for this we need to have 10+ calendar visibility enabled.​ commented a similar situation we have and to be honest in our institution some parents are not tech savvy; which means adding it on to a Calendar freed or using iCal or anything similar is a "NO-NO".

Also an interest in​'s idea has grown to be a great solution to this situation.

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This got 280 votes. I'm unsure as to why the rationale for it even needs to be discussed. Only 10 calendars showing at any one time makes the calendar useless for students who are enrolled in more than 10 courses (all the students at our institution). The "uncluttered" calendar view argument doesn't hold any weight - a calendar isn't meant to be neat and tidy.

The API only returns events from 10 calendars, so it is clearly a limitation with Canvas.

This should be fixed asap.

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Community Team
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Community Team
Community Team

November 2016 update from

Currently, we limit calendars displayed in Canvas to no more than ten courses or groups to optimize system performance.  We totally understand that toggling calendars on and off in order to check more than ten calendars works for most users but isn’t convenient in all use cases. For now this is the recommended practice. 

If you represent an institution that has a very pressing need to allow some users to display more than ten calendars concurrently, please discuss it with your customer success manager. 

Because we will not be working on this area of the product in the near future, we are moving it out of Product Radar and into Archived status.  When we do work on this product area next we will bring it back out and consider it along with other related ideas and suggestions

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Very frustrating. My school based on UK model, has a minimum of 14 classes from ages 11 - 14 and at least 11 from ages 15-16. Will talk with my CSM but its not helping our wholesale move to digital homework diary or easy access to calendars :O(

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Community Team

We also appreciate your submission of

This is a great alternative suggestion for exploring this problem.