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Show preview of filenames or direct link to files in "new file posted" email notifications

Show preview of filenames or direct link to files in "new file posted" email notifications

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It would be super helpful if a link to the newly posted file was included in email notifications for "new file posted". Currently, the email just tells you that a new file was posted in your course, but doesn't tell you which folder it is in, or even the filename. It's annoying having to comb through all of the folders for the course in search of the new one, with the risk of totally missing it anyway.

Community Team
Community Team
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Email notifications from Canvas are useful. They notify me when an instructor uploads a new file to canvas. The email notifications always read "XX new files have been added for the course, XXXXXX :" These notifications will be even better if they contain the file names and a link to the folder in which they are contained. 

Let me give you an example of my frustration. I had a class last year where the instructor uploaded 100 files, deposited in to 10 different folders. The instructor edited and re-uploaded the files often. Each time the class received email notifications from canvas, and each time we all had to click through 10 folders to find the file that was uploaded or re-uploaded. 

This could be easier in many ways. 1) put the file name and file path or a link in the notification email. 2) Display the most recent upload date next to each folder. 3) Display a page within each class of all files sorted by upload date. 

Students miss material because files can be hidden in the class page. 

I am a PhD student and have been using Canvas for 2 years. I have been unable to find a convenient way to cope with the file uploads other than spending lots of time each day cross checking the files on Canvas with those that I have previously downloaded.