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Simple "copy" in modules

Simple "copy" in modules

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Right now, it's pretty easy to "duplicate" pages, but assignments only have the "copy to" feature, relocating the assignment to another course.  It would be really awesome for those of us template people that like to replicate common forms to just have a simple "copy" feature in modules that would duplicate the item and allow us to customize.  

I did some digging in the forum and it looked like a similar feature was suggested and eventually adopted in 2016ish, but curious as to what happened / why it went away.


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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


Thanks for sharing this idea. The instructions for duplicating and copying modules can be found in How do I duplicate a module? - Canvas Community and  How do I copy a module to another course? - Canvas Community respectively.

As this is existing functionality, we've archived the idea.