Single Point, Flexi-Grades and Formatting in Rubrics


Hi Instructure,😁

A few idea requests for improvements in Rubrics.

1. Provide rich content editing capability directly within all of the Criterion within a rubric.

  • For example, unordered and numbered lists, bold and other formatting to make it very easy to highlight crucial components of an assessment (Please see attached screenshots).

2. The ability to use Single Point Rubrics as an option that can be enabled - for example please look here - 

3. The ability to set different mark type per criterion. For example:

  • Criterion 1 - Complete/Incomplete (Total 1 Point)
  • Criterion 2 - Out of 25 points
  • Criterion 3 - Letter Grade


Thanks in advance,

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Hi Tim,

I also agree. I think the more options to have different kinds of rubrics in Canvas, the better. Different subjects/curriculum/grades often require a range of options and one size does not fit all. 

If there was an option to highlight points (or even radio buttons) of what a student is achieving inside the single point rubrics (as you suggested), it would be great so students know exactly what part of the rubric they have been successful with.



Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @tjr1 -

Thank you for sharing your Ideas with the Community! Each of these points would bring great value to the feature, but to best help you and Community members discuss these changes, each Idea needs its own thread. How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community? 

Before editing or creating posts, I thought I'd share one Idea already Open to the Community: Hyperlinks and Basic Formatting in Rubrics (I authored this before becoming an Instructure Employee)

For the single-point rubric, there are ways to format the resources already in Canvas to get close. I know it's not exactly like your example, but to start with those resources and describe how you'd branch from there would be helpful to Project Managers and other Community members. 

How do I use free-form comments instead of ratings in a rubric in SpeedGrader? 

If you'd like to collaborate or if you have any questions about the Ideas process, please let the Community Team know. 


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @tjr1 -

I hope you are doing well! If you have any questions about our idea process or if you'd like to collaborate, please let the Community Team know. We know life can get busy, yet if we don't hear from you by April 12, we will archive this thread so we can better focus on current requests. 

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Community Team
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