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Sort assignments with multiple due dates

Sort assignments with multiple due dates

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I'm an instructor teaching classes with multiple sections that meet on alternating days.  I've been manually sorting my assignments with the most recent appearing first (in the leftmost column).  I'd like to use View>Arrange by>Due date Newest to Oldest, but that doesn't work at all when assignments have multiple due dates for different class sections--as many of my assignments have.  I suggest sorting by the LATEST due date within each assignment--so the latest activity will appear first in the newest-to-oldest order.

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Community Team
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I've had several teachers and ask about this. To code, I'm wondering whether it would make sense to use the average due date of the assignment in terms of the number of days from the beginning of the term.  E.g. if our term starts on Aug 9, and an assignment has due dates on Aug 11 (day 3) and Aug 12 (day 4), the average of the two numbers is 3.5.  If this was the first assignment of the year, it would be sorted as the first assignment. An assignment with due dates on Aug 12 and 13 (days 4 and 5) would be placed as the second assignment as its average date would be 4.5.

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That's reasonable.  It could be fine-tuned case-by-case.  Right now it does no sorting at all.

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Yes, I have several teachers at my school are hainvg problems with this.  It's very difficult to find assignments when they can't be put in the correct order based on date.