Sorting options in the Gradebook

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In Blackboard it is easy to arranged one's gradebook categories by moving them up and down a list. In Canvas the manual move is awkward and difficult, especially if you have a lot of categories and assignments in your course that run across the grade book page and you have to scroll left or right. 

 But if one of the sorting options was by assignment type, this would be helpful.  So, any assignment group would have all of its sub-assignments next to one another across the gradebook.  That is, all the "quizzes" would be sorted together by date, then maybe all discussion forums, etc. 

In any case, adding that sorting option seems desirable to me.  I can sort by date and module but not by assignment type.  Can that be added?

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This would be so helpful. As I have different point values for different assessments (Test vs Labs vs Homework). I want to make sure that I grade specific categories more frequently and completely, this would be awesome.