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There are many requests for Text to Speech for Accessibility in Canvas, but the reverse is needed as well.  We have found that students can use Speech to Text on Text Entry Assignment submissions using Read & Write for Google Chrome, but it does not work in New Quizzes. It would be great if Canvas added this tool to be built into the quizzes and any place students can type a response to make it more accessible for students needing to dictate their responses. Since New Quizzes does not even include a place to record their voice an audio recording isn't available as a work around.

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Community Team
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PLEASE add a Speech to Text feature for discussion boards and Canvas tests. This should already be on Canvas as an accessibility feature. Some people cannot use their hands to type and some are not fast typist. I try using my laptop's built in voice recognition and headset, but it doesn't work half the time 

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The annotation tool has several issues, especially for special education students.

Kami allows students to use speak to text when annotating. It would be helpful of Canvas would allow this feature. 

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Yes! Please add this feature for our users. Many will benefit.

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Yes!  Please add!