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Speed Grader Annotations

Speed Grader Annotations

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When writing in annotations on speed grader the 'accept or trash' icons pop up way too close to the annotation so it's very difficult to keep writing. Change this so that these icons/buttons are well out of the way of the annotations. A possible solution is that the annotation is accepted by default, and to delete it is a separate process.

Community Team
Community Team
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I agree. I have opted to just print essays and grade them by hand rather than use SpeedGrader, and this is one of the big reasons.

I also dislike that when writing a comment by hand, multiple strokes are considered part of a single annotation and there is not option to undo a single stroke. This is very different behavior from any other drawing software I have ever used.

Surveyor II

The Text Annotation option does away with the "Accept" button altogether. This eliminates the need to constantly hit a check in order to add a new one.  Could Canvas get rid of the accept on all annotations? If a grader makes a mistake, they can simply delete and redo rather than having to click the check.

Surveyor II

Totally agree. Am having a hard time making annotations in speedgrader work for me and my students using windows10 & surfacepro. Back to paper submissions for now🤔.