Speed Grader - allow users to begin where they left off.


I am an instructor. Would it be possible to program the Speed Grader to "remember" where the teacher left off grading?

I will be grading 140 pieces of submissions over the fall semester. Every time I finish grading my class's submissions, I am brought back to the beginning of the speed grader and the semester's already graded submissions. Along with that comes a substantial wait while the program loads. Then I start from the left and scroll right until I find the next column of ungraded submissions, but this is a guess because the program bogs down and takes an additional time to load. It has already become tedious. If the program remembered where the last graded column was completed, it would allow the teachers to go back to catch a late submission or move forward with the next with considerable time savings. 

I timed how long it took me to grade my class's submissions and the waiting times and scrolling times took 2X longer than the grading did.

Thanks for anything you can do to improve this.

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Community Team
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