SpeedGrader 'Free highlight' annotation for documents with no text or mixed content.


The SpeedGrader has a Highlight annotation that works on text, but not other content.

Would it be possible to add a ‘Free highlight’ annotation that performs in the same way as the text highlight, but on non-text content?  

Some examples where this would be useful:

  • PDF documents that are ‘flattened’, meaning the PDF no longer contains text – just vectors.
  • PDF submissions are from a flatbed scanner or a scanner app on a smartphone, which is essentially an image file embedded in a PDF – these submissions are usually result from the requirement for a handwritten signature at the top of the pages - this would also apply to image formats. 
  • The PDF contains text but also other complex vectors, this may be flow charts, electronic circuit diagrams, or mathematical notation.  Highlighting specific parts of a diagram or other non-text content is sometimes necessary.

This would essentially be the same as the free draw annotation, but with the opaque colour palette from the text highlighter.  Additionally, enabling horizontal axis snapping might also make drawing the highlights a bit easier too. 

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
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