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We absolutely require a keyboard shortcut to submit a comment in SpeedGrader.

I technically submitted this idea a few years ago, to have a simple keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl-Enter, similar to most email programs to send a message). At the time, developers said that I could just hit TAB (4 times at that point) while in the comment, which would move the focus on the submit button, then press enter. It WAS doable at the time.

The TAB-...-TAB-Enter is no longer usable. With the addition of all these emojis (see more below), now it takes 9-10 TABs before I can get to Submit. In my workflow (which I’m certain other teachers would use too), I work only on the keyboard when in SpeedGrader so that I won't need to switch between keyboard and mouse/touchpad just to submit. Hitting TAB 10 times is not a shortcut...

Ps. I'm not sure how often emojis are used for assignment comments. These are instructive feedbacks; the emojis don't give any clear indication of how students did other than different and indistinguishable levels of “good”. If each emoji were to represent a different evaluation, rubrics would be a better tool. If casual feedback were desired, the assignment could probably have been a discussion, and the casual feedback could have been a simple Like on the discussion board. Adding emoji in SpeedGrader thus complicates the UI and provides little pedagogical value. Just my ✌️🪙

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I also have this concern. I have significant pain issues in my hands and prefer to use the keyboard to navigate as much as possible. I can use the  J K C G keys, but having to TAB TAB TAB TAB to submit the comment is a huge pain (and as mentioned above, not a shortcut!). It would be so nice if we could just have AT LEAST a simple keyboard short cut to allow us to hit submit. 

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agreed - move the submit button so that it's one tab to hit "submit" for a comment. Y'all put those annoying emojis where the submit button should have been.