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SpeedGrader Teacher App - Change Status

SpeedGrader Teacher App - Change Status

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Feature suggestion: Add the option in the Canvas Teacher App for a teacher to be able to change the status of an assignment (missing, late, excused, none) within SpeedGrader.

On October 16 SpeedGrader was updated to allow teachers to change the Status (missing, late, excused, none) on an assignment right within SpeedGrader. This is great if using SpeedGrader in a browser, but is not an option in the Canvas Teacher App.  The vast majority of our teachers use SpeedGrader within the Canvas Teacher app because they love the way they can easily annotate on the student's work to provide feedback and quickly grade each submission. It would be great if it was available there also. 

A few ideas of how this could look on the Teacher app in SpeedGrader:

  1. Teacher clicks on the assignment status in the top left hand corner when grading and is provided with a drop down menu of status options (none, missing, late, excused)
  2. Add "Status" as an additional tab in the right hand column
  3. Add "Status" in the right hand grade bar and provide teachers with a drop down menu or a click and change (multiple choice) option with the statuses listed.


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Community Team
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