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Speedgrader: Revised location of scoring

Speedgrader: Revised location of scoring

When using the Speedgrader, an instructor may need to revise the student’s score from the rubric to account for late submissions or other penalties or credits to the score not indicated in the rubric.  The field to adjust the score is currently above the rubric box.  We suggest revising that field below the rubric so the order of activity is top to bottom for the instructor: the rubric is used, the score is revised, the save button is pushed to record the score.

Community Participant

Also, for grading essay-type questions, the score box should appear at the bottom, after the student answer.  I have to scroll or tab down to read the answer, and then back up to enter the score, and then back down again to get to the next question.  

Community Champion

 @srbrassfield ,

You may be interested in QuizWiz: Enhancements to SpeedGrader and Quizzes‌. It's a free user script I wrote that makes several improvements to quizzes and SpeedGrader based on feedback left here in the Canvas Community. One of those is duplicating the header for each question as a footer so that you don't have to scroll back to the top after reading the response.

There are other improvements as well, like duplicating the fudge points at the top so you don't have to go to the bottom to make small changes. You can also set it to automatically assign 0 points for unanswered essay questions and file-upload questions (or full points for those that are answered). It also adds an "update and advance" button so that you can advance to the next user once you update the score, rather than having to update, wait for the page to update, and then clicking the next button.

On the SpeedGrader side (the right side of the SpeedGrader page), it can add functionality to save a rubric, advance to the next user, and open the rubric back up -- all with the click of a single button.

All of that is configurable, so you can pick and choose the things you want it to do.

Note that the documentation says it works with Greasemonkey and Firefox, but that combination is currently broken after the upgrade to Firefox 57 caused people to rewrite all of their extensions. Tampermonkey with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari continues to work.

 @kona ‌ and I presented on several of the enhancements I've written, including QuizWiz, at the 2017 InstructureCon. Here's a link to the video:   and the part on QuizWiz starts at about 15:50 into it. There are also lots of videos on the QuizWiz page itself.