Speedgrader should have the ability to skip to the next assignment that needs graded.  So once I have finished grading one assignment/activity, it just goes to the next assignment group that needs to be graded.  Too many clicks having to go out of speedgrader, then to the next assignment, then back in to speedgrader. 

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Yes!  Please do this, or at least make it a customizable setting in the speedgrader

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Include a drop down list of all assignments for a particular course (searchable?) in the Speed Grader window so the teacher doesn't have to go back to Assignments/Modules to bring another one back up.

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Or, once you click to the next student it automatically puts the cursor on the score so you don't have to click that every time.



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I am an instructor and Canvas support provider in my school. It is inconvenient to revisit the gradebook each time I need to grade a new assignment.  I thought there used to be a way to arrow through assignments from the main speedgrader screen.  If I select the arrow next to the student's name, it moves to the next student (but within the same assignment).  It would be incredibly helpful to have the ability to move from one assignment to another from the main speedgrader screen (not within an individual student's grades).   It is nice to have the ability to move within assignments for individual students, but that doesn't help with grading more than one assignment for the entire class or grading late work for several students from different assignments.   Thank you for your consideration!

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I agree that there should be a way to advance to the next assignment instead of having to return to the gradebook.  It is inconvenient to have to return to the gradebook, scroll over to find the assignment, then have to click on speedgrader again. Thank you!

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This would be the perfect spot

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@doanderson1 I completely agree!

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yes Please!!!  I shouldn't have to jump back and forth to grade papers.  I should be able to stay in Speed Grader and move to the next assignment.

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Anyone else here no longer seeing the voting buttons? I vote yes on this.

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It would be great to be able to switch assignments being graded in Speed Grader without needing to exit out to the scoresheet.

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I have a few assignments open and being turned in at once.  It would really be helpful for speedgrader to automatically go to the next assignment that needs to be graded without having to get back to the gradebook, then homepage, then clicking on the next one.  Why can't it just automatically go to what needs to be graded next without so many clicks!!!

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