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Split/Dual Screen for iOS App

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Split/Dual Screen for iOS App

I submitted this feature last year, and it did not get enough votes. I will try again, especially since the new iPads have split screens that allow students to actually work in two windows at once.


I would love for students to be able to use the new split screen function in ios 9 with Canvas. Currently split screen only works with apps that are formatted to work with the new feature, and the ability to have Canvas open in one side (for content or directions) while working in Google Docs or Notability would be fantastic, especially for my students with executive functioning disorders where toggling between apps might be cumbersome.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For details please refer to Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.6) 


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This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. October 5, 2016 - Wed. January 4, 2017.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!

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I think this is a fabulous feature. It will highlight the ability to toggle between screens and allow for fluidity when researching and creating notes. 

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I think this idea is such a great idea!  The IOS world is overpowering the technology word and it will allow all students to be use to the features on all devices. 

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I have over 1,000 students each fall and another 300 each spring, each of whom use the Canvas app and iPads. Split-screen is one of the first tools we have them practice (and submit a screenshot to Canvas as an assignment to prove they were able to use split-screen).  It's an essential multi-tasking tool, and the Canvas app needs to be able to do split-screen.

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Split-screen support is now available in Canvas Student 6.6 for iOS. Below is an example of it in action: 


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This is FANTASTIC--thank you so much!!!!  Just in time for our semester to start in 2 days--now we can get our students started off on the right foot using the Canvas app in split-screen. YAHOO! I can't wait to surprise my instructor team with this news tomorrow at our meeting. What a fantastic beginning-of-the-semester present! #CanvasForTheWin!  (P.S. Dare I hope for more, but is the teach app next on the list for this update?) Smiley Happy

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