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Standardize course identifiers in course listings

Standardize course identifiers in course listings

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The way courses are listed in different parts of Canvas needs to be standardized. There seems to currently be at least three different listings:

  • Course name only,
  • Course name + term
  • Course name + term + course code

And of course, the last one is the only one that completely identifies a Canvas course.

When you compose a message from the Inbox, you can only see the course name (even though they are split into favorites and non-favorites). When one uses the Copy To...-feature the course list includes name, term and code - exemplary! The combination of course name and term only is used when searching for a course with the Copy a Canvas course-feature... and also, with the new notification customization feature being released 2021-10-16. The fact that this is not implemented correctly even for new features is... upsetting.

Name, code and term should of course all be included in any course listing: Admins course list, all courses list for a user, the new notification customization, copy a Canvas course, Inbox course selection, calendar, enrollment list in user account details, etc.

The nickname feature is not a solution to the problem, just a workaround for single users.

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Community Team
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