Starfish integration with "message students who"


We have started using starfish to coordinate office hours appointments and send advising messages.  We now have a menu tab that redirects to starfish log-ons in all courses.  It would be particularly helpful to be able to use the "message students who" feature (or any individual message to a student) with the starfish communication.

This idea is to add a checkbox (when starfish is integrated with a course) to any message box with options to also forward the message to starfish as kudos, flags, messages, or notes.

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Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Open

@Steven_S Thanks for sharing this idea for an enhancement to the Starfish integration. We've moved it forward for broader conversation. In the meantime, please know that a development project to incorporate this additional functionality would also require contributions from Starfish, so please make sure to let your contacts at that company know of your interest.

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Yes, I suggested it to starfish in a support site and linked back here.  The support site doesn't seem to have a community forum like this one though.

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