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Static Menus / Assignment Setup / Copying Assignments / Pages / Modules

Static Menus / Assignment Setup / Copying Assignments / Pages / Modules

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  1. When copying an assignment / page / module

Give us the option to copy to several / multiple  periods / classes / modules/ pages at ONCE in one screen / one action. 


Copy Assignment FROM:

  • Module Week 2
    • Page / Assignment / Worksheet … 


  • Period 1
    • Module Week 1 
      • Top / bottom / above below 
  • Period 2
    • Module Week 2
      • Top / bottom / above below
  • Period 3 ……. 

Allow us to select what assignment (s) and where they are going all at once, right now we have to individually select ONE at a time, it can be very unnecessarily time consuming. 


  1. When creating a new assignment / right now we have to create the assignment in the module, the system then creates  a new page. 

We then have to go back in: 

Select the page

Open up the page / assignment

Click on EDIT to complete the rest of the assignment information: 

Please create the system to allow us to create the assignment and bring up the REST of the assignment setup page in ONE ACTION. (Date Due, Assignment Information, Part of SIS grade, Grade points, Category).... 

The current way is unnecessarily time consuming and click heavy.

Static Menus: 

  1. Period / Class Information at the top: Can this be “STATIC” 

Please design this so that it stays visible “static”  no matter how far down or up we scroll on the page.

Right now if we scroll down too far on any screen that disappears. 

It would be nice not to have to always scroll back to the top to find out what period we are working in, then try to scroll back down or up to go back to what we were working on / looking at. 


  1. Also the SAVE / CANCEL buttons at the bottom that should be static as well! Having to scroll all the way to the bottom to finish / save / cancel can be distracting. 


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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Moderating

Hi @MRL13 -

The Community Team did a little searching and found Copying to Multiple Classes. It is open for conversation right now and has a good following. It seems like there is a bit of overlap with that existing idea and your request.

If you'd like to have this idea focus only on the static menu aspect, please review and edit your post. It'll help Community Members join the discussion.