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I would like to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to post a new external link in the new rich text editor. Currently I can select text and use Ctrl+K to bring up the add link popup, but I need to click the field to paste in the link. 

Could the add link popup default be changed so that the cursor is in the "Text" box when no text is selected and in the "Link" box when text has been autofilled?  

Adding these default cursor positions would allow users to create external links without having to use the mouse.

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When I click on command+K to quickly insert a hyperlink, the hyperlink box opens, but the cursor does not automatically go into the entry box, making the process more laborious than in Word, Google, etc.

One Canvas representative I chatted with said:

I had heard about the command+K option from a faculty at another school, and I'm not certain if that option no longer working the same is due to changes made to Google Chrome or to our Rich Content Editor, but you are more than welcome to create a feature request for that as well.

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I'm pretty sure that it changed when the rich text editor launched. I used to do keyboard link entry in the old text editor all the time while using chrome. 

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@cynthia_londeor Yes, it did used to work! It's second nature to me, so I keep getting thrown off when the link doesn't paste into the box (without moving my cursor to the box manually). 

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Yes! Please bring back Command-K . It made our jobs much easier. The new RCE is making my job a lot harder and is making a lot of things take longer. Way too many clicks! Inserting documents, linking to documents and course material, adding images...This was all much easier with the old RCE. 

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Yes, please bring back this feature in the new RCE.

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Yes It would be really nice to be able to use the ctrl+k command with the cursor defaulting in the url field. This is a standard feature on most rich text editors for web pages.

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