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Student Annotation Assignments (allow for revision)

Student Annotation Assignments (allow for revision)

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I love the new Student Annotation feature; there are so many applications for student use! However, there is no way for students to revise that assignment (which really seems to be an issue for ALL assignments). Is there a way we can get an option on assignments (especially student annotation) that allows students to revise the original assignment and re-turn in, rather than having to start over with a fresh assignment? I can understand keeping resubmit for a student who accidentally submitted the incorrect thing or something like that, but it seems counterproductive to have students have to start over if they are revising. 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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This is such a great idea.  I think that there is a huge benefit in being able to go back and make corrections or add information they may have previously left out.

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Being able to go back and make corrections is important. Students often get frustrated if they have to start all over. This would be a beneficial feature. 

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Adding the ability to revise without starting over is super important.  Just knowing there is an ability to correct things and learn from those corrections is an important part of the learning relationship.


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This will be a great addition to the feature!! We are quite hesistant about using this new student annotation assignment as the experience is not fully fleshed out. Including the ability to do revisions for corrections is a great step forward

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Being able to work on an annotation assignment over multiple sessions is very important for a variety of reasons (multiple part assignments, student time management (or lack thereof), station work, revisions, etc)

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This tool is amazing but we need a way for students to resubmit work. Sometimes they do not finish in time and sometimes we want them to correct the submission and resubmit. 

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100% in agreement with the others in this conversation. The ability to revise and resubmit would be a game changer. There isn't a clean way to do that in student annotations at this point.