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Canvas has this great peer review function, but makes it impossible to teach students how to use it by giving instructors access through the Student View. Even if I upload a paper as the Test Student, so I cannot demo the process for my students or walk them through the ins-and-outs of the course-specific peer review rubric that I need them to complete. Showing them general screenshots in the Student Canvas Guide is all well and good, but it's no substitute for being able to do a live demo for my students while they are also logged in and exploring the function. This has been a problem on Canvas for YEARS, and I'm honestly kind of baffled that it hasn't been resolved. It makes using Peer Review a massively uphill battle because I can't see what they're seeing.

This might be less of an issue if the Peer Review function itself were a little more intuitive. Why do they have to click to see the rubric? Why do they get locked out of the peer review as soon as they submit a comment? What if they wanted to submit multiple comments? What if they wanted to post a comment BEFORE they completed the rubric? If I could demo the interface using the Student View, I could at least WARN them about those quirks, but the combination of quirks plus inability for the instructor to both see and demo what students see is a real weakness that undermines the usefulness of the tool.

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I second every single item. Peer review in Canvas is so hostile to users that it is unusable. JaimeLongo summarizes all of the major issues well, but let me also repeat:

- It is impossible to show students how peer review works

- It is impossible to test out how peer review actually works with a test student account

- Students have to click on "Show rubric" to see the rubric. Why???

- Students can see submission comments but not the rubric. Why?

- The rubric disappears once a student has saved it. Students can neither read nor edit their own comments. Why?


I abandoned peer review on Canvas after being forced to do step-by-step troubleshooting by email asking students to send me screenshots of what they were seeing and trying to modify random assignment settings because they simply couldn't access any rubrics they'd received from peers. Two semesters of that nonsense was enough.

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