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Student assignment comments should appear in Teacher activity To-Do stream

Student assignment comments should appear in Teacher activity To-Do stream

I would like to see this idea open for voting again. Our organization is new to Canvas 2015-16. We are just now figuring this out.

When a student makes a comment on an assignment, it does not appear in the "To-Do" stream unless the student resubmits. I would like to see student comments in the "To-Do" stream so that I don't miss feedback opportunities with students.

I do not want to have to search notifications for something I need to do.

======Student assignment comments should appear in Teacher activity To-Do stream

Here is the original idea from Melody:

Student assignment comments should appear in Teacher activity To-Do stream,

  • just like student responses to conversations & discussions, and
  • just like instructor comments display for students in their stream.

Consistency across tools in one system is important so users can appropriately anticipate functionality. Any returning comments by the student should be presented in like fashion to the Teacher’s To-Do Stream.

  • Instructors should not have to go looking for student comments daily, just in case.
  • When Teachers miss a student’s return comment/question, it can cause confusion, hurt, and trust issues between student/teacher.
  • By default, teachers need to see comment notices in the same place as students – in their right side To-Do stream.
  • I’d like to try again, because Comments are an extremely important tool.


Melody Brake

Colorado State University

Community Contributor

Thanks Don. I changed my preferences today, like I did last year. Thing is, it appears to be an "opt-in" feature, so the default is to miss student messages. And it seems to randomly reset itself back to the default. I understand that some people don't want student messages in their inboxes, but I would think that the vast majority would prefer notification--especially since the only other option seems to be wading through the weekly digest that Canvas sends out. An icon in the to-do stream would seem to be the best solution. 

Community Champion

Yes, this is something that needs attention.   To help address we are exploring a process to magically set the preference Don mentioned globally for all instructors.

For now, I've set the submission comment to a daily digest and when the email comes in I select Ctrl and click each one to open each into a new tab.  Of course this isn't perfect as this list also pulls comments students post as they are submitting the original file.  But it takes a second to determine this and I just close the tab if that is true.  This is working very well for me and I've yet to miss a student comment.

New Member

>>An icon in the to-do stream would seem to be the best solution. 

Yes, it is and so does 146 others so maybe it will get off the "Radar" sometime.  Smiley Happy

Don Q. 

Community Team
Community Team

The Radar idea stage has been removed from the Feature Idea Process.  You can read more about why in the blog post Adaptation: Feature Idea Process Changes.


This change will only impact the stage sort of this idea and will not change how it is voted on or how it is considered during prioritization activities.  This change will streamline the list of ideas 'open for voting', making it easier for you to see the true top voted ideas in one sort, here.

New Member

I would like this feature so I don't have to make a separate list of revisits to see if the student responded to my comments within Speedgrader.  It should either be inserted into our To Do list OR there should be a automatic forward to our Inbox when a student responds.

New Member

When leaving comments for graded assignments, it would be great to get a notification that the student has replied back to it.  It would make it easier to add points to grades, instead of them always having to submit the assignment all over again. 

New Member

This would be so helpful.  It's hard to go back through and review comments after they have been left, to see if a student responded.  Especially when asking them to review the assignment, and respond for more credit.  

Community Participant

We really need to be able to have notifications pushed to the Dashboard or Home Screen when students are making comments on their own assignments.

While I do have this notification turned on on my phone, the second I unlock my phone to access it the notification goes away. Sometimes I will lose multiple notifications when this happens and I cannot remember who all I need to follow up with. Sometimes students comments come through late at night or on the weekend when I am not going to deal with it at the moment, but again the second I unlock my phone, the notification is gone. 

We need a way to be notified on the web version. Maybe a list under the To Do list of Student Comments. I Have missed questions and comments from students because of this and it needs to be fixed. Too many just to keep up with otherwise.

Pleeeeease fix this.