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Student performance tracking notes in SpeedGrader

Student performance tracking notes in SpeedGrader

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I would like to suggest a location in the Speedgrader for the teacher to leave notes about a student for themselves.

For example:

Arguments are too vague. John needs to make more specific points.

Then the following week if John has taken your advice and you see the improvement you can write him a note in your feedback.

John, great job narrowing down your topic. Your writing has improved from last week. The point you made about XYZ makes your essay more persuasive. The point could be made stronger by...

Providing acknowledgement of improvement is motivating for students. Making feedback personal is critical to creating a feeling of connection in the online learning environment. I feel that this tool could facilitate the enhancement of the educational experience.

Community Team
Community Team
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When teachers confer with students, keeping track of those conferences is a great way to inform future instruction.  Teachers can keep track of compliments given (strengths of students), teaching points, and next steps in addition to the student work students complete.  Teachers use various ways to keep track of these conversations (& digital pictures of student work) across time using various apps.  However, it would be amazing if we could create this capability within Canvas.

Is it possible to create space for 'digital notebooks' for a class and within that notebook/classroom space, teachers have individual tabs or pages for individual students?  A place for teachers to create them tracking templates and upload to this space?  A place for students to view and/or edit these spaces, too?

This would be a great way to keep this type of student information in one space for students and teachers.

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I am a Canvas administrator.  Several of our academic colleagues have enquired about private comment functionality in SpeedGrader.  The requirement is for graders to be able to make comments that are only visible to other graders, and would not become visible to students when the grades are posted.  This would be used where there is double blind marking to agree on the final grade, and to provide an audit trail regarding that decision for quality assurance purposes.

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YES, this is a wonderful idea! I would love to be able to make notes/comments for myself about individual submissions from a student. I would also like to be able to view these notes when I'm in the grade book so I don't have to click in and out of every assignment to see the notes.


- I gave a student an extension on or excused a single assignment, and I'd like to make a note for myself as to the reason ("med" or "death in the family" or "athletics commitment")

- a student did particularly poorly or particularly well on a single section of a test or quiz, and I want to remember that come time to write comments without having to open each quiz and look at it again

- a student made a submission in another format (on paper or via email or shared on Drive) so it isn't visible in Canvas, but I want to remember where it is so I know where it is if I need it later

These notes would be only visible to the instructor.

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Yes, having the option for private notes for instructors for an assignment would be a very useful tool.  There are times where I am working with a student that merit a short memo to myself of the circumstances of an assignment's completion.  Please consider adding this option. 

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I agree. This would be great. For example, if a student hands things in repeatedly just a few minutes late or doesn't follow directions or asks for extensions, I would love to comment on that but not have the student read those comments. 

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I love the idea of having a private area in Canvas to leave notes for myself that the students don't see.  Many of the examples shown here are similar to issues I've run into

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Seconding this. There's times when I need to modify grading for students with IEPs or write notes to myself about an assignment. If it were visible to all instructors, that would also open up the notes to the Special Ed teacher who is also in my course.

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i am also looking for this functionality. we have an automatic program grader that compiles and tests code submitted through canvas and leaves the results as a comment for the student. however, when it comes time to grade, we would like the auto program grader to leave more in depth information about the results of hidden tests and potential code sharing for the final human grader to use when reviewing the submission.