Students Should Be Able to See Rubrics in New Quizzes

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It appears that rubrics that are linked to New Quizzes aren't viewable by students under AFTER they submit the assessment (and maybe even after it's graded?).  This is a problem, as the rubrics include the grading criteria that I want students to be aware of as they're completing their work.  Hiding this information from them feels unfair and counterproductive; I can't imagine many (any?) situations in which I would want to hide a rubric from a student. 

While I know I could screenshot my rubric and add the image into the New Quiz details, for courses like mine that have 30+ assessments with rubrics, this seems like an extremely tedious step, particularly because the benefit of students seeing the rubric by default is going to be beneficial to any quiz that comes with a rubric...

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I agree with Sarah - it's a huge drawback to the feature. It was the same for Classic Quizzes and for that reason, we didn't recommended it to the teachers at my institution. I see however that rubrics in New Quizzes have the option to use it for grading, so that's an improvement from Classic Quizzes.

>>> Taking another look at this in Canvas, Am I right in thinking that the associated rubric does appear on the front page of the Quiz in Student View? Yes, I think this was a new addition.